SceneGrinder is supported by a team of innovative thinkers, designers, developers, and of course, GAMERS.

They have rallied all of their skills and varied backgrounds in detail-oriented programming, creativity, design and project management, and married all their experience with a life-long love of gaming and desire to build a community. This has become a true passion project. This collaboration has brought out the best in each of the team, with everyone stretching and growing outside of their comfort zones, and learning a great deal from each other.

This journey has truly been life-changing for all, and an allegory for the type of connection they are hoping SceneGrinder will develop among the players who use it to create their worlds.

Jerry is a founder/partner in PageDragon, a software development company, and its marketing partner, MarketDone. Together these companies develop large-scale enterprise class software solutions which support banks, businesses, hospitals, and universities. It may sound like the most routine software you can imagine, but it turns out that the disciplines needed to craft applications supporting thousands of users and millions of transactions are the very skills needed to create a stable browser-based 3D virtual Tabletop.

Jerry is a lifelong role-playing gamer. The concept of a VTT is why he originally became a programmer. Over the years Jerry created several prototypes, but the technology did not exist for him to move the data fast enough to bring his vision to fruition. That has all changed in the last couple of years due the evolution of cloud data services. Work began in earnest on a true 3D VTT over two years ago, and a year ago alpha testing began, with multiple groups using SceneGrinder for their weekly RPG sessions.

With a background in all phases of social impact non-profits, Deanna offers expertise in social media, marketing messaging, networking, collaboration and public relations. Her clients come from all walks of the entrepreneurial and business space, as well as non-profit and trade associations. She speaks, trains, and facilitates on a variety of marketing topics, as well as bespoke programs. She is enthusiastic about synergy between businesses and nonprofits, new opportunities, community projects, entrepreneurial niches, personal and professional development, kayaking, traveling, storytelling, art and media of all kinds.

Tabletop Role-playing games, and those who play them, are new territory for Deanna, and in addition to endless wonder and fascination watching gamers “do their thing,” she enjoys embracing the challenge of funneling creative chaos into marketing and PR channels.

Ron knows IT projects and is a life-long gamer. He’s worked for multiple software companies in several roles. He goes by various nicknames like "the process guy", "that annoying test guru", "the designer", and his personal favorite "the cat wrangler". When he’s not making all our work tracks stay on schedule he’s playing those really complicated board games that take an entire weekend (or more) to finish

Jim, when not slaying monsters and pillaging dungeons, is a slinger of code and an enforcer of database integrity for enterprise class applications, as well as a university instructor of the humanities. In his spare time, he plays in the dirt at archeological sites, practices ancient languages, and studies other historical coolness. In an unexpected way, an archeology degree was the perfect prep for working on SceneGrinder. Jim has created the majority of our maps and they often have an underlying archeological theme. Jim pushes SceneGrinder's boundaries to give life and motion to many previously static 3D figures. He has also been dubbed “FLAWS”, the Foremost Locator of Arcane Weak Spots

Daven is Jerry’s oldest son, a dedicated gamer and programmer. He was actually named after one of his Father’s treasured AD&D characters, so it was fated that Daven have gaming mojo. Daven’s wife games too, and they both run D&D groups, hosting several nights a week on SceneGrinder. As the youngest member of the team, he makes sure that the product meets the needs of passionate RPG’ers of all generations. Daven has taken the lead in building templates to add additional game systems to SceneGrinder. If you are looking at something like an automated 5e character sheet, you are seeing Daven’s firm hand<

Tracey took her passion for clothing and set design to New York City where she put her Fashion Design and Merchandising degree to work as a graphic designer. After several years, new opportunities moved Tracey and her husband from New York to North Carolina where she followed other paths. SceneGrinder allows her to indulge her original loves of set and graphic design.

After college Steve moved to New York City to join West End Games. He was fortunate enough to work with and learn from some very talented people in the gaming industry including Bill Slavicsek, Ken Rolston, Eric Goldberg, Greg Costikyan, Doug Kaufman, Pete Corless, Jeff Briggs, Jon Southard and Paul Murphy. During that time WEG produced RPG’s for Ghostbusters, Star Wars and his personal favorite, Paranoia. Steve is proud that some of the content that he wrote and developed there has stood the test of time. One of his recent thrills was watching Whil Wheaton and Felicia Day play the Paranoia RPG on Critical Role using supplement material he’d written. In 2005 he received the Gamer’s Choice Award for Best Traditional Card Game.

He is very happy to find himself working with another dedicated, determined, and extremely talented group of individuals who share a common dream. Steve believes SceneGrinder can be a revolutionary tool for Makers to build the worlds and stories that inhabit their dreams.