SceneGrinder is a rich environment that can be as immersive as Game Masters and Dungeon Masters want it to be without sacrificing deep character and game world tracking and organization.

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3D Immersive Environment

  • 3D Maps (2D Maps also supported)
  • Maps with elevation
  • 3D Sound
  • Ambient Sound
  • Lights that set the mood and limit vision
  • Square and hex grids supported
  • Use Hero Forge characters


  • No app download or server to run
  • Runs on Desktop, Tablets, and Phones
  • Always available

Multiple camera angles

  • First Person View
  • Overhead and Over-the-Shoulder views

Game System Rules Supported

  • SceneGrinder will directly support any system that has an SRD or OGL, within the rules provided by those licenses.
  • The above means that D&D 5e, d20 and others like Fate Core and OpenLegend will be "in the box."
  • But what about other systems? SceneGrinder can easily be customized to support any system and our community will have a long and shareable list of customizations for those games, and all of this with no programming.
  • We are constantly working with game publishers to create relationships that allow us to support their games, regardless of their licensing status, in a way that is fair to everyone and protects their intellectual property.

Create and Customize

  • GM's can add their favorite game systems
  • Rule Systems can be shared in the marketplace

Game World Automation

  • Create interactive NPC's that hand out quests
  • Create shops where players can buy and sell equipment
  • Let players explore scenes on their own

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