Avatar List

Groups & Lists

  1. Filter the Avatar List to only show selected group.
  2. Quickly create a "current" group of everything the camera can currently see.
  3. Same as above, but name the group whatever you want.
  4. Hide or show the Avatar List.
  5. Toggle showing and hiding Markers.

Getting good at creating and managing groups of NPC's is a great way to "keep your cool" when running a scenario in a large scene.

Using tags to skip all dead character's turns is a great visual time-saver. This can be configured on-the-fly when needed.

It's not the only tool at your disposal for character organization... for instance, SceneGrinder let's you "tag" characters with a status (Asleep, Stunned, Dead, etc.) and the Avatar List can automatically hide or skip characters tagged in a certain way.

The actual of list avatars looks like this...

Image of Avatar List CENTER HALF