My First Shared Sci-Fi Scene - Hollow Asteroid

08/08/2022 Scenes News

For anyone concerned that scene creation is difficult... don't be. This is really only 4 primary models and 6 more just to add flavor. All I did was start with a small blank map and put the planetary spacebase model on one side. Then I picked out a large model of a rocky cliff, copied it about a dozen times, resized them a bit to add variety, and used those to build a rock box around the map, only leaving the spacebase showing.

After that it was time to decorate. Outside a spaceship floats nearby, and I placed a smaller shuttle on the landing pad. Inside I added a couple of instrument consoles, a rover vehicle, a few small rock formations and some gems in the rocks (hey, they've got to be mining for something). I finished the scene by texturing the basic map, clicking the Water checkbox, and adding a green light effect so the interior has that eerie glow.

About an hour's work to create a 3D scene that will help transport my players to another world. If you want to use this scene, or want to customize it, just import it for free from the Marketplace. It is titled "Hollow Asteroid".

Happy Gaming!!!

Spacebase - Note the open door on the bay on the right... that leads to the interior! CENTER THREEQUARTER

Interior of Spacebase Level 1 CENTER THREEQUARTER

Interior of Asteroid CENTER THREEQUARTER

Standing on the landing bay looking out CENTER THREEQUARTER