Playing D&D 5e Online - Playtesting SceneGrinder VTT: The Invisible PC-a-pult

We thought you might like to hear a funny story about the ups and downs of building a 3D VTT. During this Friday's Dungeons and Dragons playtest on the SceneGrinder Virtual Tabletop we ran into a strange "feature" (i.e. bug).

When the PCs would go running down certain dungeon corridors they would suddenly go flying up into the air, only to mysteriously come floating back down. Immediately the relaxing Dungeons and Dragons gaming session ground to a halt as we tried to isolate the issue. After much head scratching the culprit was found. In SceneGrinder, GMs can put "signs" on the maps that provide details about the location (e.g. "This room is the ogre's lair").

The signs are invisible to everyone except the GM. The problem, the signs (in their first version) actually took up space, so when the PCs ran over them they essentially jumped up on the sign and catapulted themselves into the air. Instant PC-a-pult!

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