About SceneGrinder's Pricing

We may tweak this slightly before we launch the Kickstarter, but here's the gist of the licensing.

We will have GM licenses (which is all most gaming groups will ever need) and Player licenses (rarely needed). The GM license allows you to invite an unlimited number of unlicensed people to your game worlds, but only 10 of them can be active at any time. Inactive users can still maintain their character sheet, create characters to use in your games, and view game information such as story notes and handouts from the GM - but they cannot enter a scene and participate in an active game session. The GM can easily switch which users are active at any time.

So, feel free to invite your 10,000 closest friends to your game worlds - but keep in mind that only the 10 you've marked active can actually participate in game night.

The Player license allows you to join a GMs game without going against their active unlicensed user limit.

For the Kickstarter we will offer special lifetime licenses of $100 for a GM license, and about $40 for a Player license.

After we go live we'll switch to a subscription model, although we will still offer a lifetime GM license for $250. We may also offer special licenses for people that just want to build and sell things in the marketplace, but we haven't finalized the details on that possible option yet.